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For my fellow peers who are keeping up with Spanish, I would absolutely recommend "Españolistos" as a podcast for you to listen to in your spare time. You can listen to the couple on Spotify— the husband is an American who learned how to speak Spanish and the wife is Columbian and speaks it fluently. They make informative podcasts about current events and random facts that last around 30 minutes in a pretty slow Spanish that is much easier to understand than the news. They use a lot of important tenses when telling stories that serve as great practice for Spanish learners.



if you're interested!

About the Ulysses series:

If you are new to the site, you may note that some of my past posts include a parenthetical about Ulysses in the title. After finishing the book, I have made it a goal to share my favorite passages and quotes from Joyce's masterpiece to readers who are familiar with the work or want to learn more about it.

Of course, it would be boring to read 18 posts in a row for each of the 18 episodes in Ulysses if you aren't interested in that aspect of the site, so I have tried to mix this project with my other posts.

Thus, you might see a post like: "The Day Off (And Ep 7 of Ulysses)." The main contents of the post are about the concept of a day off, but at the bottom of the post, readers can find the continuation of the Ulysses series.

If you have any feedback on this format or want to see something different, let me know!

Some Humour with Languages

About this Site

Knowledge is meant to be shared.

Of course, I'm not saying that audiences should be flocking to my website because of some information that I am unveiling for the first time. With this website, I am instead creating a place for me to share my work and interests in an environment that encourages discussion.

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My Current Read: Great Expectations by Charles Dickins


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